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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  December 13, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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there are two areas where san francisco wants to charge an entry fee. the northeast section of san francisco, from laguna and 18th street out to the bay, that's in the red, and the southern gateway beginning at the fork, where 101 north and 280 north meet. that's in green. these are some of the busiest areas of the commute. nbc bay area's tracey grant is live in san francisco with more on san mateo's counterattack and the whole situation, tracey. >> reporter: well, tom, this is the letter that the city and county association of governments of san mateo county sent to san francisco supervisor, ross, right here at city hall last month. it expresses a strong opposition to the concept of congestion pricing, and some elected leaders are saying that they might take a tit for tat approach. >> i wouldn't like that at all. >> reporter: he drives to san francisco and back almost every
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day. on top of all the money he spent on gas, he might have to start shelling out $6 more a day for tolls. if the san francisco county transportation authority manages to get elected officials to approve a congestion pricing proposal. jose, executive director of the transportation authority, believes that could be a deterrent for 10% to 15% of the drivers. >> just reducing a few of the drivers that are on the road will make a much better functioning road for everybody else. >> reporter: some elected officials throughout the cities in san mateo county said it's unfair to their residents and threatening to declare a toll war. jerry hill, whose district spans much of the county, says he's among the county leaders who have warned the transportation authority and san francisco supervisors that san mateo county is considering setting up its own tolls for san francisco commuters. >> in terms of the -- in retaliation, is kind of a hard word, but certainly no one's going to take this lying down.
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they're going to react. i'm going to react. as i mentioned with the legislation if necessary. to try and stop this. because it's not right. >> someone who lives in san mateo, they're going to get hurt going both ways. >> reporter: they say it's not true, because he's been consulting san mateo transportation representatives all along. >> they're well aware that there's no intent to put up a gate at the county line. that would not work and it's never been the intent. >> reporter: now, this thick booklet is the result of a three-year federally funded study that the san francisco transportation authority has completed. this stuff will be presented to the san francisco board of supervisors tomorrow. and the supervisors will decide whether to authorize even more research. even if everything goes ahead
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quickly and smoothly. these tolls wouldn't be put in place for another five years. live in san francisco, tracey grant, nbc bay area news. >> we will see. tracey, thank you. it is the second attack in less than two weeks involving a young girl in a crowded store. this time police say an 8-year-old girl was shopping with her family at walmart in san leandro when a mans sexually assaulted her. kimberly terry is live with how it could have happened in a store so crowded with shoppers. kimberly? >> reporter: tom, police say it only fook a few seconds for the suspect to take advantage of the situation. a very busy store filled with distracted parents and children. a brazen attack on an 8-year-old girl at this walmart store on davis street in san leandro has shoppers on edge. >> psychos. people crazy. how can you do that. you've got to be sick. >> it's really scary. i'm definitely going to keep my
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kids closer. sorry, i didn't mean to cry. >> it's upsetting. >> reporter: police say on friday the girl was shopping with her family about 7:00 in the evening when her brother wandered off and she went after him. >> when she was looking for him, she got distracted in the toy aisle, like most kids would, looking at toys. at that point our suspect came up from behind her, grabbed her, and put his hand down the front of her pants. it took a matter of seconds. >> reporter: police say once the suspect was identified, a 29-year-old, let the girl go, he took off. but didn't get far. the girl pointed him out to her mom, who screamed for help. >> i saw the terror on the little girl's fails. it was a serious thing. >> reporter: two shoppers stepped in. >> he came out of nowhere and -- wow, that was a big-time tackle. i was shocked. >> reporter: dino said they
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tackled him and he came in ho help hold him until police arrived. >> i said, dude, you don't want to go there. because i will knock you out. will. >> reporter: according to police, he's not a registered sex offender, but has prior arrests for parking tickets and making a terrorist threat. again, this is the second attack within two weeks on a child in a busy store. earlier this month, a young girl was allegedly assaulted at the dollar store in union city. while police do not believe this was a copycat crime or that the two incidents are linked, they are urging parents to be extremely vigilant, especially during the holiday season. live in san leandro, kimberly terry, nbc, bay area news. a defrocked california priest is being held on child porn charges in europe. authorities in ireland say 65-year-old oliver o'grady was taken into custody last week near dublin. few details of his arrest are available. it comes after five years when
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o'grady admitted to abusing more than 20 children. he made that admission in the award-winning documentary "deliver us from evil." in 1994 he was convicted of mo letting two brothers here in northern california. a kidnapped 12-year-old girl is about to be reunited with her family in virginia. an alert woman in san francisco recognized her from the tv news story, and called police last week. brittany smith's story went national when she disappeared, along with 32-year-old jeffrey easley in early december. brittany's mother, who was easley's girlfriend, was found murdered around the same time. san francisco police found brittany and arrested easley after the woman called the police department. brittany flew back to virginia today. easley's extradition hearing will happen in san francisco tomorrow. two children remain in critical condition in northern california following a terrifying attack. tonight the mother of the accused is speaking out. nbc's danielle lee has the story
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from vacaville. will. >> reporter: in tears, this mother tells me how she woke up to find her 14-year-old son had been arrested, accused of attempted homicide and sexual assault. she asked us not to show her face for her family's safety. >> he couldn't have done it. >> reporter: she last saw her son around 1:00 this morning. he was in trouble for coming home drunk. when she woke up, a neighbor told her her son left with three teens. police found him asleep in a home on bal sam drive. >> i don't remember everything. but i know they threw me on the floor and they were doing something and i heard the girl crying. >> reporter: they say he repeatedly stabbed a 13-year-old girl and 18-month-old boy who were home alone. that girl escaped to a neighbor's house with her brother and got help, waking up the neighborhood to a shocking crime. >> kind of scary. i don't know, it's just -- i'm just glad it didn't happen to me. >> kind of mind-boggling.
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>> he didn't do it. >> tonight both victims are in critical condition. but they are expected to survive. and the alleged teen attacker faces charges of attempted murder and sexual assault. san jose is debating the future of its medical marijuana clinics. for more than three hours, city council discussed everything from taxes to land use issues and what regulations should or should not be apply. this comes after law enforcement agencies raided two dispensaries last week, shutting them down. >> i'm hoping the council will bring order to the chaos of 99 illegally operating marijuana dispensaries in the city of san jose. >> city leaders will hold three more meetings to hammer out the guidelines for future dispensaries with the idea of making them profitable for the city. pack your bags, that's what shoppers might soon have to do in san jose, if council bans the use of plastic bags, and orders
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businesses to then charge for paper bags. nbc bay area's chris sanchez shows us what's in the ban and what's out. >> reporter: they may have to tote groceries differently. after research and discussion, the city council will decide tuesday whether to ban plastic shopping bags. most of the people we talked with say they're ready to make the change in the name of the planet. >> whatever we can do for for our environment. if it's 5 cents or 10 cents extra a bag, why not. or pay the 99 cents for the cloth bags. and reuse them. >> reporter: the way the ban is written, plastic bags would be gone at grocery stores for all shoppers, except those buying with food stam pstamps. they could offer recycled bags instead. grocers are banned from eating the cost of the bags. violating the terms to cost them $500 to $1,000.
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the trade group that speaks for bag makers say the bags are not the problem. they say the problem is consumers only recycle about 13% of bags nationwide. >> i think that, you know, eventually everybody's got to change over. and it's not going to be easy. >> reporter: the reusable bags cost about $1 and up. for some folks the concern is more of the health hazard of wayward bacteria from using the same bags over and over. >> i think it's a valid concern. but, you know, clean your bags. >> reporter: one more consideration for the council is whether their voters will want to have to remember one more thing before heading to the market. >> well, i'm willing to do a lot of things. what's one more, right? >> reporter: if the city council members vote to accept the plastic bag ban, it would go into effect not this new year's day, but the next. chris sanchez, nbc bay area news. the statewide ban proposed earlier this year is a no, no, it died for lack of support. tonight at 6:00, eating
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healthy at schools. it's about to get a whole lot easier. the big news today, that will put more fruits and veggies on school menus. i'm scott budman. after the break, the silicon valley makes progress against breast cancer, and twitter takes on a hacker. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. tracking a system for tomorrow that will increase the chance of showers as we head through the south bay. here's a look right now. we'll have details on the rain for tuesday. and a very wet week coming up. u
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the san francisco social networking site twitter fell victim to a spam attack. our business and tech reporter scott budman is here to tell you how you can protect yourself, as you tweet. scott? >> if you tweet tom. it's a good idea to use different passwords for
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different accounts when you're online. hackers broke into a number of twitter gts today by using passwords using another social networking site. if you use the same password, you might have been hacked. if you were, step one, probably best to change your password. better news from the housing front. the number of homeowners who owe more money on their house than the house itself is worth, fell. and that number fell for the third straight quarter. data firm said 22% of all mortgaged homes are now underwater. checking your money. mixed market today. blue chips lifted by increased consumer confidence. but the nasdaq broke an eight-day winning streak. progress tonight in the fight against breast cancer. san francisco biotech company nektar ther a put iks has a drug against tumors in advanced breast cancer.
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employees at nektar admit it's not a cure, but a pretty big step in the right direction. more than 1 million women worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. another company not really known for helping women, says it will begin to do just that, go you probably know them from their super bowl ads. says it will donate half a million dollars to open a women's health clinic in phoenix. the focus will be on hiv and aids prevention among women. tom? >> very good, scott. thank you. >> you bet. fewer chicken nuggets, a lot more fruit, that's the meat of a new law the president signed today to make school lunches across the country a lot more healthy. taking a look at what the changes would mean for california students. >> reporter: this was the lunch menu at the high school in los angeles today, tacos, pizza, fries, burritos. but thanks to the massive school lunch overhaul bill signed into law by the president today, this is likely the last year these
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types of foods will be served in school cafeterias. >> you'll be moving away from things like pizza, chicken nuggets. >> reporter: for the first time, schools across the nation will be told to restrict student lunches to no more than 750 calories. and to drastically increase the amount of fruits and vegetables. >> where we used to serve three-quarter cup fruit or vegetable combined with two different sources, now we're having to provide to a student a full cup. >> reporter: the bill also calls for schools to get 6 cents more per meal in reimbursements. but the los angeles unified school district said that's not nearly enough for all the mandated fresh food. if the bill remains unchanged, he expects subsidized lunches to cost students $2.50, a 150% increase over what they pay now. calories will go from about 1,200 per meal to almost half that, and sodium intake will be reduced so dramatically he says it will take ten years to meet
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the standards. students we talked to about the changes say while they probably won't love it, they know it's good for them. >> i have no problem with that. it might be a little tasteless. but in the long run you're going to live longer. >> if you keep healthy food in our lunches, we'll benefit in the end. >> california wants to be the plug-in capital of the world. the coalition of automakers, utility workers and regulators is teaming up with clean air advocates to make the state number bon in charging electric cars. the terminals will be the gas stations of the future. the california plug-in vehicle collaborative says it plans to create thousands of charging spots in homes, office buildings, shopping malls and at other sites over the next ten years. volunteers with the wildlife rescue has rescued another sea gull. they've received numerous
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reports of birds with beer can collars around their necks. the bird was in good health and released. there is a $6,500 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person who is putting the collars on the birds. the wolverine may be in danger but it will have to wait for protection until the u.s. fitch and wildlife service has more resources. the federal agency said it is focusing its attention on other species that are in even greater danger. the agency says that the small mammal said to be mean enough to take on a pack of wolves and win, will become a candidate for protection. the list of candidates is reviewed annually. wolverines are still found throughout the west, but not in great numbers. a major winter storm continues its trek across the u.s., forcing 30 states to post severe weather alerts. at least 14 deaths in five states are blamed on slow-moving
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storms. most cities pummeled over the weekend with heavy snow are now bracing for a few days of frigid temperatures. the same system that made a mess in the midwest over the weekend dipped into the deep south today, making travel treacherous. even birmingham, alabama, had a rare snow sighting this morning. if you're traveling that way, jeff ranieri's got a look at what that storm looks like right now. >> a little bit of snow left in the midwest. after that record-setting blast of snowfall, some one to two feet in minneapolis, they have cleared out. in chicago, a little bit of snow still lingering after the two to three inches over saturday into sunday. however, while the radar is currently clear from snowfall, there is some wind still kicking around in large part for the midwest. that is reducing visibility and still causing travel delays. if you're still heading to the midwest in the next 48 hours, you may still find residual delays. contact your carrier to make sure everything is good to go. on the radar, dry for now across
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the bay area. however, a few showers starting to enter the 350-mile zone here that currently scans around. that is a sign of what's going to be coming our way. today's high, not too bad, 58 in redwood city, 59 in san jose. and 55 in livermore, with the overcast gray lingering around. that's currently helping to keep temperatures right about where they were about two hours ago at this point. not too much cooling. 57 in san mateo. currently 57 in napa. however, we have been talking about rainfall returning for tomorrow. that storm system continues to edge closer. the heart of the storm is still going to be well to the north. however, it will be pushing some rain across the bay area. and then out here looking wider, we're going to be tracking three pretty potent storm systems in the seven-day forecast that could even bring flooding concerns over the next seven days. more of that to come throughout the show. let's get you right back into 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. on your tuesday. starting off mild for the most part with low 50s from concord
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down to san jose. and low to mid-50s right at the peninsula. not too much warming here as we transition into 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning on your tuesday. however, we're going to introduce that chance of rainfall for tuesday. totals right around quarter to half an inch for the north bay and quarter inch for the east and south bay at this point. not a major storm system but certainly bringing changes for the bay area. if you're doing any traveling, not only delays in the midwest but with the wet weather in the east coast, delays from boston down into washington, d.c. for us, we'll have details on your rain timeline coming up for our tuesday storm, and we'll have a look beyond in our seven-day forecast. >> thank you very much. still ahead, a plan to close golden gate park at night. why some say it's a matter of safety. others say it's just another san francisco eviction. and just in, some of the most unusual finds at the bottom of that salvation army kettle. for itchy dry skin. try cortizone 10 intensive healing. the strongest itch relief medicine now has three vitamins and seven moisturizers.
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well, you certainly recognize that. the distinct sound is synonymous with the horn in south africa. the soccer tournament was such a hot topic among tweeters this year, that the site made it a separate category, apart from all the other sports. you see them everywhere during the holidays, the salvation army bell ringers standing by their red kettles. you might be surprised by what some people are giving, besides a couple of dollars. nbc's omar villafranca introduces us to one man keeping track of the trash and the treasures. >> reporter: you never know what people will put into the red kettle. >> somebody will come by and put something in the kettle. and we'll think, oh, they just gave maybe a couple of bucks. it's a dollar, where there will be 10s and 20s wrapped up in it. >> you get excited to find out what's in the bucket?
6:25 pm
>> oh, yeah. i can hardly wait. >> reporter: after more than 30 years with the salvation army, major sergeant green has seen about everything dropped in the kettles. >> car keys, house keys, and a lot of -- a lot of pocket lint. >> reporter: green created this donation wal of fame. >> a german penny from 1940. it came in in tulsa, oklahoma. >> reporter: the wall includes money from all over the world, and even jewelry for every part of the body. >> this is one of those fake caps that you can buy. and it's got a marijuana leaf etched in it. this was in murfreesboro, tennessee. and this was in pine bluff, arkansas. >> reporter: those people need their teeth over there. the folks at the salvation army admit some of the stuff that comes into the kettles is junk. but other things are worth their weight in gold. this $1,400 gold kruger ran was dropped in a kettle in dallas. he shows off the oddities to remind people that the salvation
6:26 pm
army will take all donations to try and help others. >> i show these things, and remind them that regardless of what happens, they need to give. >> green says he takes the coins and jewelry to pawnshops to sell, and then it goes back to the salvation army. another member of the giants is defecting to the dodgers. who's leaving this time. the details for us ahead. also, why joe montana is hopping into the debate over moving the 49ers to santa clara. and the bike battle brewing on cal's campus, after ticket prices peak.
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our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone. we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible.
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believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards. in a test vote today, the u.s. senate okayed the republicans' deal with president obama. the deal would keep all income tax rates exactly where they are now, and wealthy families would get a big break on inheritance, with no tax on the estates up to $10 million. it would cap at just 35%. house democrats are vowing to
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fight that. >> literally it boils down to $25 billion for 6,600 families. >> congress estimates the tax compromise would cost $858 billion. thousands of high school students are in a hurry to get to stanford university, but only a select few will get there. of the nearly 6,000 students who applied for early admission, 754 of them were sent acceptance letters today. the record number of early applicants is up 7% compared to last year. in all, 26,000 applicants will compete for only 1,700 spots in next fall's class. students say fines for riding on campus are being aggressively enforced when they can least afford them. nbc bay area's kristi smith explains. >> definitely just give them a warning. >> reporter: john fitzpatrick can think of a lot of ways to
6:30 pm
spend $220. and paying a bike fine isn't one of them. >> that's more than textbooks, more than a week's worth of food. >> reporter: especially with recent tuition hikes. he avoids riding between 8:00 and 6:00 in what's called the dismount zone or locking his bike to a handrail. all could earn a top-dollar ticket. >> i think it's about time. i've almost been run over by many people hurtling across the plaza. people are going throughout when there's pedestrians here. two people right now are on bikes basically breaking the bike rules. >> reporter: the signs are marked where not to ride. uc police have been citing students under the state's vehicle code because people have gotten hit. >> well, this year there may have been changes to the court fees or things may have increased. once we issue a number of citations, we started to get complaints about the cost. >> reporter: uc police even thought it was a little too high. for a first offense is a warning. still critics launched a
6:31 pm
facebook page over the bike battle. >> it can get pretty ridiculous. >> reporter: the bike riders could get a break in one area. campus police are looking for a less expensive code to enforce, at least in their dismount zone. at uc berkeley, kristi smith, nbc bay area news. san francisco is now behind in the race to host the 2013 america's cup races. organizers of the 43-day series of yacht races are calling the city's latest bid unacceptable. they are on pace to award the event to another city if a new proposal is not submitted by san francisco by friday. the cup is projected to generate $1.2 billion while creating nearly 9,000 jobs. a team of investors including joe montana and former 49er owner are scrambling for position if the 49ers move to santa clara. their investment group wants to build a hotel, restaurant and entertainment center across from the proposed santa clara site.
6:32 pm
they want an exclusive 18-month negotiating agreement with the city for a development deal on seven acres just north of tasman drive. officials say there won't be any talks about what to do with the city-owned property until after the holidays. well, a rare sight in san diego, a baby sperm whale washed ashore last night. rescuers say they have not seen this kind here for 25 years. the whale was bleeding from a cut. it took 20 sea world employees to corral the animal and inject it with antibiotics. then they pushed him back into the ocean. experts believe it's a male. he's about 15 to 18 feet long and weighs about 3,000 pounds. they hope he will reunite with his mother. a virginia judge today struck down part of president obama's health care reform legislation, as unconstitutional, ruling that the government cannot force people to buy insurance. nbc bay area's elease kershner has more on what it means for
6:33 pm
the president's plan. >> reporter: while not invalidating the entire health care law, federal judge henry hudson took issue with one of the provision, saying congress overstepped its authority by requiring individuals to buy health insurance. the attorney general filed the challenge and today applauded the ruling. >> this case is not about health insurance, it is not about health care, it's about liberty. >> reporter: the white house is likely to quickly appeal. >> we're confident that it is constitutional, and quite frankly, of the three courts that have rendered decisions on this question, two have ruled in our favor. >> reporter: pointing out the minimum coverage provision doesn't go into effect until 2014, leaving plenty of time for this and at least 20 other lawsuits to play out in the courts. but it is also playing out in the political arena, republicans quick to praise the ruling. >> people still have the right to personal decisions. whether they buy health insurance or they don't buy health insurance, they should
6:34 pm
not have it imposed on them by government. >> reporter: while even judge hudson admitted a higher court will ultimately make the decision on health care, analysts say it is a blow as what is seen as the premier legislation of the obama administration thus far. >> i'm not a lawyer, i'm not qualified to say whether the administration and democrats overreached legally. but politically, they clearly overreached. >> reporter: the debate over health care once waged from congress to the courts, and kitchen tables across america. >> last week, the administration pointed out the ruling would have little to no effect on the law's implementation since it doesn't go into effect until 2014. the administration expects the challenges to be argued before the supreme court by then. still ahead tonight, the cupcake commercial that some say is far from sweet. a whole lot of baggage we check in at sfo, with just how important those extra fees are to the airlines. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a damp day outhere with
6:35 pm
temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. the cloud cover, in advance of a system that's starting to move in right now with plenty of mid-50s in the southbay. you can see the clouds and rain starting to build. we'll have the timeline on when you can expect rain on your tuesday coming up. plus, you could say he paid very close attention. how one california inmate is pulling the festivous card. >> a new holiday was s rne r th.
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take a walk down memory lane. right now on, hours of viewing entertainment, check out the top ten youtube videos of 2010, on
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this holiday season, chevy's giving you more. like a 100,000 mile/5-year powertrain warranty. that's 40,000 miles more than ford. and now we're giving you our best offer of the year. 0% apr financing... plus $1,500 holiday allowance... plus no monthly payments until spring. on most chevy models. but hurry, because your chance to get our best offer of the season ends soon. see your local chevy dealer now. san francisco is about to lose more than 700 jobs because
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of state cutbacks. the state compensation insurance fund plans to disburse much of the 830-person work force to cost-effective sites. 75 workers will remain at their city office. the move is part of a statewide plan to save the fund $200 million over the next three years. three service members discharged under the "don't ask, don't tell" policy filed a federal lawsuit today in san francisco. anthony laverda and two others seek to have the ban on openly gay troops unconstitutional. a bill was introduced last week. a marketing campaign by duncan hines featuring singing cupcakes is hitting a sour note with critics. ♪
6:39 pm
the company pulled this ad called hip-hop cupcakes from youtube after bloggers complained it was racist. the ad features vanilla cupcakes covered in chocolate and singing. they said they were just trying to make a fun video and nothing more. the men and women who run california's jails make a combination for all kinds of beliefs from atheism but are drawing the line at festivous. an inmate who disliked salami came up with a creative way of avoiding it. he told his jailers that he required kosher meals as a right of festivous. the only place festivous exists is on reruns of the "seinfeld" show, where george's father invented the holiday as a time to air grievances. a judge has thrown out the inmate's request. the only place busier than the mall today was the post office. with 12 days until christmas,
6:40 pm
shoppers packed up their weekend purchases and got in line. when our crew checked in at the main post office in san jose on lundy avenue, 10 to 15 people were in line, and that line never did seem to get much shorter. this was the kickoff of the busiest shipping week of the year for the u.s. post office, which follows probably the busiest shopping week. but next monday will be the souslute bluiest day of all. >> they do their shopping over the weekend. they probably spent sunday on the kitchen table putting stuff together, putting it in boxes, checking their list, checking it twice, labeling it, then they queue up for the post office on the following monday. >> the u.s. post office will handle almost 16 billion, with a b -- packages through the holiday season. december 20th is the deadline for mailing to out-of-state addresses. well, let's talk spring, shall we? with the winter storms headed our way. according to jeff ranieri, we can talk about -- >> is it just you today?
6:41 pm
>> everybody else said the heck with you. here we go. >> you love baseball. you ready for this? >> i am, i think. >> another person leaving the giants. and this guy coming to oakland. or so we're hearing. get ready for godzilla making his way to the 510. flex your muscles, davis. rumbleings with the raiders. this was a cheap shot. you see this yesterday? the coach has to pay a stiff penalty for what he did. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a live look at the golden gate bridge. the clouds building and rain is on the way. the timeline for a wette
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
the baggage fees are taking a toll on passengers, and paying off for the airlines. new numbers show u.s. airlines are making billions of dollars off of passengers who just can't pack lightly. we sent nbc bay area's marla out to san francisco international airport to talk to passengers about those fees. >> it's gotten insane over time. >> reporter: it's almost hard to believe, checking baggage used to be free. now in many cases, a bag drop has fliers dropping a pretty penny. fran is on her way to nigeria, and there's no way around the extra fees. >> it took me about 24 hours for the flight. you don't expect me to travel
6:44 pm
light. i have a lot of things. i have to pay for extra bags. like $200. >> reporter: most airlines charge $25 for the first checked bag. $35 for the second. and it's proving profitable for airlines. according to the bureau of transportation, in the first half of the year alone, u.s. airlines collected almost $3 billion in combined baggage fees. delta raked in the most at $473 million. >> i think also they don't take care of the bags. they've broken a lot of things from chile, and throwing stuff like there was potatoes inside of the bag. they don't care of your belongings. >> you're forced to mail various items. so that definitely drives the price up in terms of what you're spending as a traveler. >> reporter: the only airline that still won't charge you for suitcase number one or two is southwest. reporting from sfo, marla taez,
6:45 pm
nbc bay area. if you're wondering how important the fees are to the airlines, "usa today" says it represents about 100% of profits for u.s. airways. the airline expects to net 500 million in total fees this year, and expects to best profit by $475 million. so they're not going away. that's for sure. the sunshine has packed its bags, getting out of here. let's look at today's highs. it was damp, cloudy, as that overcast sky really didn't budge much for the bay area, from the north bay down to the peninsula. with temperatures in the upper 50s here for los gatos. san jose, 59. livermore, you were in the mid-50s with 55. concord at 57. let's get a look at the radar. we've been talking about this rainfall for the entire evening. right now we're dry from the north bay down to the south bay. we're starting to see a few showers developing just offshore
6:46 pm
here. tomorrow's forecast, we reintroduce the chance of rainfall. current temperatures, near average with 56 in san francisco. 55 in san mateo. 52 in livermore. mid-50s for the north bay. we're not expecting an overly cold night, either, with the current cloud cover staying in place. a look at tonight. the system still is offshore. the clouds continue to build. that will bring the chance of rainfall as we head into tuesday's forecast. look ahead in our seven-day forecast, we're tracking three different storms to even monitor the potential for flooding in our long-term forecast. satellite radar picture is active. here's the frontal system now stretching across northern california. we're starting to see some of those returns, but it's going to take a little bit more time for that to push more to the south and bring rainfall across the bay area. the storm door is completely open out here. once again, with several disturbances expected over the next seven days. however, in the immediate right for tuesday, expecting a chance
6:47 pm
of rainfall. not a big system, but enough to switch it up for the day. a nice break midweek for wednesday with sunshine returning. before the rain starts to ramp up again. 5:00 a.m. tuesday, scattered showers for the bay area. we won't see the consistent rainfall move in until the noon hour. as for tonight, once again, not overly cold, with temperatures starting off in the mid to upper 40s here in the east bay. we'll also see the same scenario for the south bay as well. not nearly as much fog as we had last night. looks like we'll only see the isolated fog in our interior valleys for the east bay, when you travel over some of the higher hill tops, you'll run into some of the low clouds. take it easy and plan extra time. so for tuesday, that cloud cover once again stays with us with the rainfall moving in the midday and also the afternoon
6:48 pm
hours. 56 in nappa valley. 56 in sonoma. 58 in santa rosa. morning time on the weather channel, on cable, seven-day forecast. sunshine coming back. strap on the seat belt, folks, rain returns late thursday night. friday, saturday, sunday, monday, four days of rain, possibly the wettest period we've had so far this rainfall season, which could bring some flooding concerns by next monday. we'll watch that for you, as we get closer to that event. >> scary when you see nothing but that rain out there. and there's no sunshine on the other side. >> i know. they like that sunshine in california. >> tomorrow maybe you'll bring it back for us. >> you said strap on the seat belt. >> that means that's a serious ride right there. all right. we're talking about the oakland a's ride. >> ready for godzilla? >> yeah, that should be fun. >> the godzilla storms, think of that. a's probably made this announcement today, but they
6:49 pm
have to give plenty of time for the japanese media to cover this event. here comes hideki matsui, aka, godzilla. reportedly he's agreed to a multimillion dollar deal with the a's. he's still got life in that bat. last season, 21 home runs for the angels down in orange county. before that, seven seasons with the yankees. that's really where he made his name. at least in america. matsui was the mvp of that 2009 world series for new york. the a's need a designated hitter. it appears matsui is their man. expect a formal announcement tomorrow along with his translator. giants, another week, another defection to the dodgers. infielder citing a minor league deal with l.a. he never really panned out with the giants. not on the play-off roster and they made no effort to keep him. he's now in dodger blue. here's the skinny with the
6:50 pm
49ers. they looked great yesterday. it was against the lowly seahawks. so be careful. we also had to be careful when addressing this topic on sports sunday with the 49ers' strongest player. seattle not a very good team. however, we said a win is a win. >> hold on, hold on, man. >> okay. >> when you say seattle's not a good team -- >> i said not a very good team. you took advantage of a team that had a .500 record. >> can we agree we did what we were supposed to do today? >> and then some. >> i'm going to rough him up. take that. he can send me to the moon. having fun last night with him on sports sunday. alex smith has nine lives. vernon davis, flexing some muscle. but the true test comes this week on thursday. yes, thursday. on national tv for the 49ers as they visit the chargers. three games remaining in the season. they are just one game out of a
6:51 pm
play-off spot, despite their, well, subpar 5-8 record. hey, coach, you having fun this season? >> not fun. certainly fun at times. but i think for the team, for the staff, for myself, it's really been a lot of things learned. >> looks like bell belichick with the hoodie there. 5:20 kickoff in san diego thursday evening. raiders had to put out a little fire today. there's bickering and dissension within that raiders coaching staff. the raiders avenue 'response? not true. absolutely not true. cable is at odds with the offensive coordinator hugh jackson. but they said they actually laughed at the report. we believe them. raiders trying to recover from yesterday's last-minute loss in jacksonville. maurice jones drew with a
6:52 pm
game-winning touchdown in the final couple of minutes. this weekend, they're back at home to host the broncos. did you see this? bad behavior yesterday in the jets-dolphins game. we'll slow it down for you. one of the jets coaches purposely tripped up one of the dolphins players. on the sidelines, right there. he stuck out his knee to trip up that dolphins player. the coach today did apologize for his actions. the dolphins player was shaken up, but not seriously injured. the strength and conditioning coach, that's who it was, has been suspended for the remainder of the season without pay. he'll also be fined $25,000. >> i wasn't thinking. if i could go back and do it again, i sure as heck would take a step back. it was just a situation where i just wasn't thinking. >> okay. to his credit, he was remorseful and apologized. however, that's bad news. >> that really is, isn't it.
6:53 pm
>> bad news to do that. >> just desserts. the jets lost. >> and the jets lost. >> that's for sure. raj, thank you, sir. just ahead, every dream of winning big on "who wants to be a millionaire?" inside tips from a bay area woman and co-worker who made the exup.t it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv.
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coming up tonight at 11:00 -- >> did you know you were wearing dogs? >> faux fur, the height of fashion without the price. and without the cruelty, right? wrong. the truth is, you might pay for fake, but get the real deal. instead, how can you tell the difference? our hidden camera investigation reveals the truth about faux fur. tonight at 11:00, on bay area news. we may have a new writer position open at the station very soon now. nbc bay area news writer marla miller is on "who wants to be a millionaire" this week. wow! so far, she has won a grand total of $68,000 on the game show, hosted by "today" show anchor, meredith vieira, as she
6:57 pm
continues on tomorrow's program. and who knows if she'll win big and stick around. she did give us some tips about how to audition to get on would have of these programs. she said give a short, but unique answer on how you would spend the money that you would win. marla wants to treat herself to room service. she also says it's a visual medium, so wear something that stands out. look at that blue. she looks great in it. >> she looks great, yeah. >> she said she had on a vintage necklace, and apparently it caught someone's attention. we know she's using some of her winnings to cheer on stanford in the orange bowl. >> looks like she's -- >> she's gone. >> she's behind us. >> why would she have to be here now? she could take three months off, that's for darn sure, or more. that's our program for tonight. we'll be back at 11:00 tonight. hope to see you then. bye-bye.
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